Zoom and Crypto

Zoom employs Encryption Startup Keybase To Rectify Privacy Issue

Zoom and Crypto

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, more persons are being forced to stay at home, work from home, and basically do everything from home. In light of that, Video conferencing app Zoom has risen to the top as the undisputed champion in connecting people and workspaces. 

But last month, the app was faced several allegations of privacy and security related breaches. One of the prominent issues was the sharing of data with Facebook, even though the company claimed all calls were encrypted. However, reports suggest that some of these videos were sold to third parties, with some accounts ending up in the darknet. In response to those breaches, the app has acquired end-to-end encryption start-up Keybase. 

The new deal will see Keybase become a subsidiary of Zoom and its team will hand security engineering work to facilitate an end to end encryption feature for paying clients. 

Keybase was founded in 2014, and since that time, it has received funding from established names such as Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit), Andreessen Horowitz, to mention a few. Keybase’s secure messaging and cloud-based file-sharing services employ public-key cryptography and provide a transparent, auditable directory for verifying digital identities. 

Part of the plan to reduce the fallout of the recent privacy scandals, Zoom says it will publish a draft cryptographic design in the coming weeks and will host discussion sessions to gain appropriate feed from experts and the public. 

Alternatives To Zoom 

There have been growing concerns over Zoom’s privacy and security, and as such, lots of people are looking for alternatives. The good news is that there are several blockchain-based video chat solutions, such as a new decentralized application (dApp) from Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Another limitation with Zoom is the integration of payment methods into the app. However, the development of third-party crypto paywall solutions like 2key Network’s SmartSessions might change that. 

Beyond privacy, limitations with integrating payment methods into Zoom have fostered the development of third-party cryptocurrency paywall solutions such as 2key Network’s SmartSessions


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