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Australian University Partners With Ripple

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The Australian National University (ANU)’s law school has partnered with ripple to bring out two new courses in its Master’s program. The courses will roll out in the new year, and they will explore the impact of blockchain on the legal field. 

The courses are currently being developed in conjunction with Ripple’s Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). The Ripple’s Initiative is a program that works with various universities from around the world to look at new trends and developments in distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency, and digital payments.

The Australian National University has undergraduate courses that look at the relationship between blockchain and law. Other Australian universities also have blockchain-related courses in their undergraduate curriculum. The University of Melbourne and The University of Southern Queensland offer courses that deal with DLT and blockchain. Other schools deal with the subject on a broader scale.

A Growing Partnership

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Scott Chamberlain, an entrepreneurial fellow at the ANU School of Law, is in charge of the university’s blockchain units. The courses will study the possibility of using blockchain and smart contracts in automating decentralize legal processes and dispute resolution.

“Imagine an eBay-like platform that can resolve consumer law disputes without engaging the court system,” Chamberlain said. 

According to Chamberlain, several simple legal processes could employ blockchain technology. Such legal processes include confirming the identities and relationship of the relevant parties, and the rules governing their interactions.

“[A legal dispute] deals with who are the legal identities that the law recognizes? What are the legal things that the law recognizes existing? What’s the relationship between people and things? And there’s a dispute resolution at the heart of it. When you look at the blockchain smart contract space, there are projects doing all of those things.”



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