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The sudden interest of Facebook Libra and other cryptocurrencies will do Bitcoin a whole lot of good says Tim Draper

In an interview last week, Draper who has been a voice and an advocate of Bitcoin spoke in favor of Bitcoin and FB’s Libra amid pressure from governments all over the world, most especially the US.

Draper was quick to mention that Bitcoin is one of the greatest innovations the world has seen, and it represents the face of the cryptocurrency world. In his words, Bitcoin is the tool that will change the financial world and how the government operates.

“ Draper was quick to label the Indian government as “Pathetic and Corrupt.”

He said, “The other cryptocurrencies are bridges to where Bitcoin currently is.”

He also voiced his frustration on the regulations that are trying to limit Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in diverse ways.

“We shouldn’t put regulations before innovation,” he said after talks emerged that Libra will be put under several regulations before it can be launched.

The voice against anti-crypto, and anti-innovation governments

Draper has never held back when it comes to lambasting the efforts of various governments to put shackles on Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies at large. Whether it is against the US Senate or Trump, he has been quick to make his voice heard.

Now, with the proposed plan of the Indian government to put a nationwide ban on anything that has to do with cryptocurrency, Draper was quick to label the Indian government as “Pathetic and Corrupt.”


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