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Is AvaTrade a scam, or is it a reliable broker to invest in? Is AvaTrade a good broker? Does it charge high commissions? What are your customers’ opinions? Does the trading platform allow easy operations, and does it have useful resources? Many traders ask these sensitive questions, and we will all answer them to determine if AvaTrade is a good broker for Forex and CFD trading. 

It is estimated that between 74 and 89% of investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You have to ask yourself if you can take a high risk of losing money. In this article, we will discuss some key factors on which we base our analysis. These factors include security, something that will allow us to trade without worrying if the broker we use is a scam. We will also cover other topics such as what type of brokers they are, their customer support, trading platforms, and some other key questions.

What is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is one of the largest brokers featured in the world, with over 200,000 trusted customers worldwide. A regulated forex broker that operates on five continents and offers its clients sophisticated trading solutions, whatever the knowledge or experience of the user, offering the possibility of entering the market through numerous platforms, tools, and options adaptable.

AvaTrade is also a multinational company based in Dublin, Ireland, but operating regional offices. This includes entities in Beijing, Chile, Dublin, Madrid, Milan, Mongolia, Nigeria, Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo, as well as in South Africa, and the new brokerage in the United Arab Emirates.

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AvaTrade Regulators

There are many entities respectfully established by AvaTrade, in addition to being regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. It also includes authorization from world-renowned regulators ASIC (Australia), FSA (Japan), Abu Dhabi Authority, FSP (South Africa), the British Virgin Islands, ESMA in the European Union, and others.

Therefore, AvaTrade is strictly regulated and complies with internationally recognized laws, which keep the broker’s reliability at a certain level of confidence and is considered a safe broker for trading.

What type of broker is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is a broker that offers a variety of Forex, CFD, and cryptocurrency pairs available for trading without selling restrictions or speculation. In general, AvaTrade is an STP and OTC agent who also uses high technology to fulfill orders, i.e., quotes received from the interbank and connected to the market itself.

Exclusive trading features with AvaTrade

The highlight of the AvaTrade platform is the incredibly rich and diverse automated trading package that comes with the trading software itself. The broker offers free Forex APIs, and advanced strategies that sell for hundreds of dollars in the market are given for free at the simple cost of Forex trading; you only pay for trading spreads, and you have no additional cost for the advanced and professional automated trading tools provided.

The auto trading package includes the ZuluTrade system, AvaTrade AutoTrader system, which allows algorithmic trading, as well as an advanced set of various APIs that allow you to design your forex automation solutions from zero. This is a unique benefit available to any other business in the foreign exchange world at the time of this review.

Trading tools

So what can you trade on AvaTrade? The AvaTrade markets offer more than 250 instruments, from currency pairs to vanilla options, bonds, indices, ETFs, commodity CFDs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

If you do want to try the AvaTrade software, use only the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.

Account Opening

Creating an AvaTrade account is relatively easy and straightforward. If you want to run out of tires before funding your account, you can tAll that is needed to access the AvaTrade desktop, mobile, and web platforms and create a free demo account. 

You can switch to a live account. All you have to do after switching is to connect your bank account and finance it with currencies from compatible countries. Deposits are available by bank transfer, credit card, and various forms of electronic funds transfer.

A live account requires contact information, such as a valid color copy of your ID and a utility bill from the past six months to verify your address. If you have multiple accounts, don’t worry! MAM AvaTrade (Multi-Account Manager) accounts allow you to place orders for all of your sub-accounts with a single login. 

AvaTrade Review

Islamic Accounts

If you follow the strict Sharia guidelines on personal finance, you may be interested in the Islamic account options of AvaTrade. You can open an account on the online trading platform with access to swaps in accordance with Islamic customs.

Is it safe to use AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is a subsidiary of a capital company with a market capitalization of nearly $ 17 billion. This is rare in the foreign exchange world and certainly adds an unusual dimension of credibility to the broker. As a registered Irish broker, AvaTrade is subject to extensive and strict European regulations in its financial activities. In addition to subscribing to the highest industry standards for basic data encryption and server security, the company is hiring a core group of IT experts to keep abreast of information technology developments so that improvements can be made to the security features available on are applied as quickly as possible to the broker’s system and trading software.

AvaTrade Review

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Avatrade Platform Software

AvaTrade offers a wide range of platforms, automated and manual, for each type of operator. The platform provides access to more than 250 trading tools, various analytical tools, indicators, and updated charts.

AvaTrader is a powerful and easy-to-use platform that allows you to trade all assets with a single click on your screen. It is a fully customizable platform with advanced graphics, live analysis, and live streaming.

Known as the most popular trading platform, MetaTrader 4 offers flexibility and power to satisfy traders of all levels of experience and knowledge in trading. The platform allows you to operate in your ideal business environments.

Auto trading platforms, such as Zulutrade and Mirror Trader, are the industry’s main automated trading interfaces. Automated trading software allows you to duplicate trades from qualified online merchants anytime, even when you are away from your computer.

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Avatrade Deposits and Withdrawals

Initially, the minimum deposit required for AvaTrade is $ 100. The maximum leverage is 400: 1, always remember that the higher the leverage, the higher the risk. Also, with the possibility of immediate deposits using the most popular credit cards, the broker accepts bank transfers and also facilitates financing via PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers, and WebMoney. With the AvaTrade debit card function, customers can withdraw funds without delay, although money transfers can take up to five days.

AvaTrade Review

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Research and Education

AvaTrade has an educational center on its website, as well as extensive resources for novice traders. The main sections of the educational section of the site include trading videos and tutorials, economic indicators, trading for beginners, and a Forex eBook.

Other resources explain the different types of orders and the basic information needed to manage your account. Other resources explain the different types of orders and the basic information needed to manage your account. You will not receive the same detailed instructions here as in a college course, but it is enough to get you started and answer basic questions.

You can also take advantage of the public economic calendar, which provides useful information on future global data reports. When you use the platform, you can receive news from different sources by integrating third parties.

AvaTrade Review

Customer Service

AvaTrade offers customer support in fourteen languages, so irrespective of where you are, you are covered. AvaTrade customer support is available via phone, email, or live chat on the AvaTrade website. Indeed, AvaTrade offers local telephone numbers that can be dialed in countries around the world on all continents except Antarctica.

AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade – Conclusion

Recognized for its numerous prices and its longevity of more than ten years in the sector, AvaTrade distinguishes itself from other brokers in several ways. If a trader mainly favors security, this approved and regulated broker, who operates within an international financial group, will clearly make an exceptional choice.

With incredible automated and manual trading solutions, AvaTrade is an option particularly suited to advanced and sophisticated professionals. However, a novice professional will be satisfied with the friendly and helpful customer support team, the broker’s intuitive and easy to understand interface and the relatively low initial deposit requirement. Try AvaTrade and create your opinion by registering a real account. Each potential trader will be more than impressed by the unique flexibility that sets AvaTrade apart from all of its competitors.

We Rate AvaTrade 4 out of 5 stars

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