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How Stephen Bliss Makes Millions Trading Crypto

eToro Sucess

Many people who come across Stephen during the day, won’t know that he manages more than $12 million trading fund by night. The 34-year-old is a leading trader in online trading platform eToro, and he insists any can start trading. His short term goal is to move into trading full time in the coming months. 

Stephen’s story is one that shows trading cryptocurrencies is not for the elite, as most people might think. Stephen Bliss sells burgers during the day at his roadside cafe and manages millions in assets at night. He is like a trading batman. 

He insists that anyone can trade, and eToro provides the right platform to users. Stephen is one of the leading traders on the platform.

When he started, it was just like a hobby. He started out with a demo account where he was given virtual currency to practice. The fact that his earnings have grown into six figures shows how far he has come. 

“Anybody can start practicing with virtual money just like I did. I didn’t want to start with my real money and end up losing it. So I started with the practice account to understand the process,” said Stephen.

“After like two years, I started to understand the platform and how to trade. I put in some real cash totaling $3000, and I lost 50 percent of it.

“They advise you only to trade what you can afford to lose, and losing $1500 was a shock to me. 

“I went back to my demo account, and I practiced some more. 

“One thing I can say is that trading virtual and the real thing is quite different when you trade with actual cash, your entire mentality changes. 

“The overall experience is a big learning curve. You have to know when to hold, when to sell, and when to buy. You don’t have to trade with emotions.” 

According to Stephen, eToro is just like Facebook. You can interact with other traders, invest your money, copy trades from leading traders, and you are good to go. 

Stephen is one of the leading traders on the platform. He is currently managing more than $12 million in funds. 

“I have more than 7000 people investing their money through me,” he added. “When I first reached a million, I was surprised.” 

“I have lots of people messaging me on a daily basis. Each one with a new question. It takes me time to talk to everyone, but I try my best every day. 

“I love making money for people. I recently helped a guy turn his $60,000 to $200,000. He messaged me the other day to tell me to thank you. He even mentioned he was taking his friends to the Bahamas for a trip.” 

Stephen’s compensation is in six figures yearly. 

“I really enjoyed the learning process and how far I have grown in trading. I am not just working for me; I am also working for others.”

“My growth each year has been astronomical. I acquired around 935% in the last calendar year. However, I don’t expect so much yearly. I start each year with a target of a 5% target, which is more realistic.

“I want to switch from a part-time trader to a full-time trader. I will take a step back from my catering business and pay more attention to trading. 

“Trading is the way for me, and it should be for everyone. It is very easy to trade. With a platform like eToro, it is, even more, easier to trade.”

eToro Sucess

Stephen’s Effective Trading Tips

Don’t trade with emotions

Trade with zero emotions. You have to understand how trading works and work accordingly. There are no emotions in trading. Understand the market, know the best practices, and trade.

Learn the process first

Before you jump into the thick of things, you have to educate yourself first. You need to know what you are getting into. Know what you are doing and what to invest in. Learn how to read the charts, look at market signals, follow the news, and so on. You can also learn via demo accounts. Trade with virtual cash, before trading with the real thing. 

Be patient 

In as much as you want to jump into trading, don’t be in haste. Trading is something you can’t jump into blindly. However, eToro makes it easy for even first time traders to benefit from trading. You can copy other people’s trade using the copy trade mechanism. 

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